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Top Three Ways to Easily Convert More Customers On Your Website

Written By Shaun van Wyk

Converting visitors into customers

Did you know, websites generally only convert customers at a rate of 2.5%. That means 97.5% of people just leave without doing anything! FACT!

Converting  visitors into customers is not an easy task as you probably know by now. Not only does it require strategy, but extensive testing.

There’s thousands of articles, solutions and different strategies on how to increase your conversion rate. It all comes down to this one question…

Will it work for your website in your industry and for your audience?

Every website audience is unique, and so is yours!

Coming back to all these different approaches, only one thing matters and that is to know how to convert traffic into sales, otherwise your business won’t make money.

I hear a lot of Car Detailing businesses say that they are driving high volumes of traffic to their websites and bragging about the 2 000 unique visits per month they receive. This is really great, but then the next thought comes to mind… “How many of these visitors were converted into paying customers?”

What do I mean by a conversion?  Well there’s 2 types of conversions, so let me group them for you.

  1. Prospect to Lead: This is where you turn a website visitor (Prospect) into a potential lead. Visitor X lands on your website and is interested in what he sees in front of him. He signs up or submits his details and jumps off.
  2. Lead to Customer: Now this is the more important of the 2 conversions. This is when Visitor X, not only gave you his details but he paid for your service. He exchanged money in return for your service.

If you are not converting website visitors to leads, well then I’m sorry to say that a high volume of the traffic that gets directed to your website, doesn’t really mean anything.

Alright, let’s get back to the main reason why you are reading this article!

Out of all the many ways available, we will be focusing only on the top three ways to convert more customers on your website.

The most important, immediate implementations, that packs the hardest punch to ultimately convert Johnny to take action when he lands on your website from not only a distant Prospect to a Lead, but a Conversion (paying customer)!

  1. Jaw Dropping Offer

Does your website have an offer, never mind a Jaw-Dropping one? 95% of Car Detailing websites I land on, do not have an offer on the landing page, let alone a great one!

This is probably the single most important aspect of converting a visitor to a customer. The easiest way to get started on how to get more conversions is to simply have an incredibly irresistible offer that is enticing to your visitors and is something they actually desire.

The offer must be so good, you want to provoke the following reaction from your potential customer where they say to themselves “WOW, this is an absolute no-brainer, I must buy this right now!” or “I can’t believe it’s only that much, I would have paid twice the price normally.”

So how does an Offer that “POPS” look like?

The first and more popular type of offer that visitors are exposed to, is a Discount Offer.

For instance a “Less 10% Offer, is a Discount Offer, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t quite  have the same impact as a “50% Off on the Executive Detailing package. Was $300, now only $150!”

Now this seems like a no brainer to have on your landing page, but as I mentioned earlier, very few Car Detailers have this offer in place on their website to begin with.

It doesn’t always need to be a % Discount. It can be a deal stacked on top of another great deal. Bundling Services and Value Stacking Offers are irresistible as it means more bang for buck. This method is a great way to increase the value of your offer and make more sales.

The perceived value of your service must clearly surpass the costing of the service on the offer.  

This said, making discounting of your offer so much more powerful, is the inclusion of some of the most powerful concepts that no Great Offer can be without.

Your offer must include Scarcity! Instead of just having an offer, by just discounting it, create a Limited Time Offer with limited numbers. By doing this, it creates scarcity and it forces people to make a buying decision right there and then, if they want to take advantage of the special offer. Promoting offers with a deadline creates Urgency.

Making an Exclusive Offer is another great way of increasing your conversion rate. What this means is you simply create a great offer for a specific audience and make that offer only visible to that specific audience. This can be done either by sending an email, with a link to a specific landing page, to your existing customer database or you can create a Facebook ad campaign and target a specific audience. For example people in the age group between 30 and 40 with kids and a household income of between $150k to $200k annually. 

What’s important though is great offers converts to customers! 

  1. Exit Intent Popup

So first place goes to having a Jaw Dropping Offer! Next we look at the importance of the exit-intent popup on your website.

So what is an exit-intent popup?

Let’s create a scenario where Johnny saw your ad on Google or Facebook or just searched Google for a Car Detailing service in his location and your business appeared on Google with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Your business appears in front of him, and he clicks on the provided link, where he is directed to your website.

Now he lands on a landing page (Most of the time it’s the Homepage of the Website). He browses the page or even clicks on a link to another page within your website, but loses interest and leaves the website.

There is nothing that stops him, as his pointer is hovering over the Close Window icon as he plans to leave… Now he is gone!

Now if you had an exit-intent popup, you could have retained Johnny by convincing him to submit his details before he left. By doing this, Johnny became a lead, and not just another one of the thousands of visitors that dropped off your website, never to be seen again.

Exit-intent popups can be used to understand your prospect better, by conducting a survey or getting feedback from them, so ask a question, so you can understand your potential customers better and craft better offers with more appeal. 

Also, if you have an exclusive offer for a specific audience, you can serve relevant counter offers to them. Each exit-intent popup can be customized for every offer landing page.

In short, they are a very powerful addition to your site. One thing is clear, when a website visitor shows exit intent, you know that they are planning to leave. As a business owner you are responsible to do something about it. Even if you convert 1% more traffic by having an exit-intent popup in place, you will see a difference in your conversion rate.  

  1. Retargeting Tag

Do you remember when I said that once the visitor left your website he is gone forever. This is true if you don’t at least have an exit-intent popup as part of your last in line defence to fight for the attention of your visitor.

Luckily for you, there is another way of getting the attention again of your “lost visitor”


This is only possible if you have the right measures in place. What am I referring to? Retargeting Tags off course. Also referred to as Remarketing or Tracking Codes, installed in the back-end of your website, to track the visitors and their behaviour on the pages that they land on, and the actions they take.

The two most popular types of remarketing platforms are Google and Facebook. Google makes use of what they call a Remarketing Tag and Facebook uses what they call a Facebook Pixel. Both are tracking code installed on your website. You create each tracking code for the specific platform and install it on your website.

Once a visitor lands on your website these tracking codes fire, record and generate data from the visitors. This data can be used to remarket to these very same visitors or create an audience with similar online behavioural qualities to market to. Also known as a “Lookalike Audience”

An example of this is where Johnny landed on your website, and went from your homepage to your specials page or any other page and decided to leave for whatever reason.

Your remarketing tags have recorded Johnny’s data and behaviour and based on this you can, let’s say, place a Facebook Ad in front of Johnny that is specific to his data and behaviour.

Not only is this the cheapest form of marketing, but it usually increases your conversion rate by 2 to 3 fold.

Wrapping Up

There is no single correct combination of the above concepts (Although a Jaw-Dropping offer is the single most important stand-alone concept that packs the hardest punch to start off with, when looking at a higher customer conversion rate), and ultimately you will want to try and test and measure a couple of different combinations to see what drives the best results in converting more prospects to customers.

The fact remains though, that these Top Three Ways of converting more prospects to customers on your website, is not only is this the easiest and most cost effective way to implement, but more importantly, it actually works! By implementing the above you are bound to see a higher conversion rate.

Now that you are ready to start converting more prospects, just one last note of advice…

It’s not all about you…

The key to any great landing page, is to focus on your customer. Too often you will see businesses create a website with all the content being about them. They talk about how amazing they are, their accomplishments, what they can do, and why you should choose them.

Seeing something wrong yet with this approach?

You are leaving out the customer…

Instead you want to create a content strategy that is focused on adding value throughout your customer journey. This means you need to understand who your customer is, what they want and what value you can provide them with.

By the way: If you need help implementing this into your detailing business, CLICK HERE and schedule a quick no-obligation meeting with us. Even if you just want some advice or a quick demo. 

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