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Leads Vs Quality Leads

Written By Rynhardt de Witt

Are your Marketing Efforts delivering the goods?

One of the biggest problems most car detailing businesses currently experiencing is not always to get more leads, but to get quality leads that convert into paying customers.

So how do you solve this problem?

The answer to this question is never a short one. But it is solvable. Before we can answer the question, we need to take stock.

So, what are the digital marketing trends we are seeing at car detailing industry recently?

  • Clients spend money on marketing with very little testing and measuring.
  • Google Ads are set up with ineffective keywords and potential customers are send to websites with low conversion capacity. (Check out our guide on The Top 3 Ways To Easily Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers… if you want to know more on how to improve your website conversions).
  • Facebook posts are produced and most of them with no strategy behind them.
  • The wrong audiences are targeted. Spray and pray approach.
  • Generalist Agencies use lead generation strategies that work on other industries but not necessarily for the Auto Detailing Industry.
  • The leads fall into a black hole (someone’s email inbox). Somewhere. Never to be seen again.

The concept “Testing and measuring” is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any business. Within every dimension of any business you must have systems in place to test and measure your performance. How else would you improve? Essentially, without this, it would stagnate and eventually fail.

If this is so important, why is it rarely seen when spending money on marketing?

Agencies generally decide where and how they are going to spend the ad-budget. They are given a monthly ad-budget in order to produce a certain result. The result varies from location and type of service on offer.

Generally we see a shotgun approach. Spray and pray. Agencies do not always define the audiences in accordance with the required results. Would you agree that the audience for a car wash is different from a detailing business? Of course!

With every marketing campaign, a perfect customer avatar should be drawn up, based on the service on offer. This avatar should be discussed and agreed between the client and the agency.

Audiences, ad copy and the landing pages should be created based on the avatar’s goals, pains, interests, etc.

Already, better targeted audiences will produce better quality leads.

Another way of getting quality leads is to get them to pay upfront through a sales funnel. Send your prospects to a landing page (start of the funnel) with a specific offer and as soon as they submit their details, you can offer them an opportunity to schedule & pay for that service online. To increase your average customer value, you can also offer them additional ad-on services and upsell that on your initial offer and get them to pay for that upfront. 

Final Note

When setting up these audiences, ads and landing pages, there must be variances within each of these groups in order to test and measure which one works best. Preferable only 2 variations at a time within each group.

Create Avatars for your perfect customer per service offering.

Set up audiences based on the avatar to laser target your audiences. Play around with various audiences and test how well they do. Learn and apply.

Also, use your customer’s feedback to improve your campaigns. It is not about you. It is about them. Make them feel like you care!

By the way: If you need help implementing this into your detailing business, click below and schedule a quick no-obligation meeting with us. Even if you just want some advice or a quick demo.

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