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Conventional Vs Digital

Written By Rynhardt de Witt

Which Is Better – Digital Marketing or Conventional Marketing?

The Answer to the above question is dependent on your ideal customer’s habits…

We know that growing your Car Detailing business not only provides that all important cash-flow, it also creates better revenue and profits to provide you with a means to upgrade your business and in this manner to be a step ahead of your competitors.

In today’s highly competitive car detailing world, competition is rife and businesses must find new ways to either compete or outperform their competitors.

The utmost essential rule of business is to have customers and make sales, and the more you have, the better your business will perform. We know that we are stating the obvious here, but what a vast number of businesses in the car detailing industry don’t know, is how to get more customers and sales by applying the correct marketing and advertising strategies.

Although there are other factors involved in determining the success of your business, such as the general need and requirement for your service offering, or the quality of your service to ensure continuous sales, the fundamental step is to make the general public and prospective buyers aware of your service.

The more seasoned businesses that have gone through, and survived, some of the harshest economical times would understand the importance of marketing their services, and to market to the right kind of audiences and marketplaces.

One such way is social media marketing. In this article, I will be delving into ways you can use digital marketing to achieve your goals. Remember, your business is like a child, you want to see it develop, get strong and be successful. Just like a child, you need to nurture it, give it the necessary sustenance, and sometime when things go wrong or need improvement, you need to call the specialists. I will also be touching on some other points as well, just to emphasise the importance of marketing, especially digital marketing.

So let’s get cracking….

A very important fact in the world of business, is this: If your product or services are absolutely unique, you are in a position to sell your product or services at any price. This is because there is little to no competition, and there is definitely no means of comparing prices to other products or service of the same nature.

But let’s face it, in almost any industry on our planet there are competition. It is for this reason that it is so important for businesses to always be one step ahead of their closest competitors.

How do you do this?

In very simple terms, a business must either have better products or services, or sell their products or services at a lower cost. Or, you could be one step ahead of your competitors by promoting brand awareness, your products and your services to the correct audience and/or marketplace. It takes some know-how to be able to do this, and it is therefore essential to get the specialists in to do the job.

Marketing your brand and business the right way

So it is simple math, the more good customers you have the better your revenue and in turn the better your overall profit margin. The opposite is true with bad customers. But how do you attract new customers? More importantly, how do you attract the right customers?

Marketing your brand is essential to achieve business goals. More importantly, marketing to the right type of audience and marketplace is essential to avoid timewasters.

One of the key components of marketing is advertisement. If done correctly, your business can soar to new heights, but if done wrong, it will not attract attention and will be a waste of your valuable money and resources.

Looking at current stats, it would be very hard to argue that advertisement is the golden thread between business failure and business success. The stats prove this undoubtedly. In 2016, the global ad spent stood at 545 billion US Dollar. In 2017, ad global ad spent increased to 584 billion Dollar. In 2018, ad spent rose to 630 billion US Dollar.

It is estimated that this will be even higher for 2020 and will keep on increasing each year. This trend clearly shows that advertisement is the way to go to promote and grow your brand and business.

But as with many things, there are an array of methods, platforms and strategies when it comes to advertising.

What type of advertising works best?

There are various choices out there. There is radio, there is television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, normal mail, coupons, flyers… the list goes on.

So which is best?

Conventional Advertising

In previous years, TV ads were an excellent way to advertise, and to a large extend still is, but this was and still remains expensive. You pay more for prime airing times, and this is sometimes the only way to ensure success. It takes lots of planning and equipment to produce a TV ad, as videos need to be made, actors need to be hired (although not in all cases) and to produce a highly effective TV ad takes time. The flaw with TV advertising in latter days is that people are not as interested in TV ads. With various streaming services that do not support advertisement, it has become harder to reach potential buyers compared to a few years ago.

Radio is also a very effective way to advertise, but again quite expensive. With radio you can get your ad on air a little quicker, as there is no need for videos (obviously). But there is no sure way that you will be able to determine if your ideal client is listening at the time your ad is aired. As with TV ads, the price you pay depends on the time of day you want your ad to be aired.

Then there is old faithful, newspaper and magazine advertising, which can also get pretty expensive if you are looking for a prime spot in the paper or magazine or to place a large ad.

Billboards do get the necessary attention from commuters on the highways and pedestrians. The problem is, although relatively effective, people tend to have short memory strands, and soon forgets what they have seen on the billboard even before they take action and buy the product advertised.

Flyers work well, but then again, you are only targeting a small number of people, unless print truckloads of flyers and distribute them at street corners, place them on notice boards etc. In most instances, you need people to stand on the street corners to hand out flyers, and there is no way to tell if your flyers have reached the right kind of people, and if enough flyers made it into the hands of any people at all.

The common problems with conventional advertising is that your ads are not highly targeted to the correct people, and there is no sure way to analyse the success of this type of advertisement, especially if you are using multiple conventional ways to advertise, and it can get really expensive. This means a lower return on investment, and that is not proper business practice.

Digital Advertising

There is one form of advertisement that is currently used by most (smart) businesses, big and small, and this is the wonder we call digital advertising. It is tried and it is trusted. It is predicted that advertisers will spend 40 billion US Dollars more on internet advertising than on TV ads. Now if these stats do not convince any business to get on track with the digital age we live in, then nothing will.

Digital advertising is much cheaper, it is much more targeted to a specific audience or market place, and you have a sure way to measure marketing campaign success.

With digital advertising, especially on social media, people that see your ad can do further marketing on your behalf (without them even knowing it). People can share your ad on social media with their friend and family, ensuring your ad gets even more exposure. This is something that cannot be readily done with conventional advertisement.

Your car detailing business gets a lot of attention on social media if placed in front of the right audience. This provides for better lead generation, better brand awareness and could eventually reduce marketing costs even further.

Small businesses do not have the budget to compete with the larger companies when it comes to conventional advertising, such as TV commercials, radio ads and direct mail campaigns. And again, these budget can be blown without ensuring that the ads have reached the correct people. With a well-structured digital advertising campaign, however, competing with the big players is much easier, much cheaper and especially if you have a solid team of digital marketing experts behind your campaigns.

Very important however, is that digital advertising (and marketing) can fail if done incorrectly (as with most other things in life). But digital advertising is a beat on its own. There are basically two ways you can do it, the wright way and the wrong way. Do it right, and you will have success. Do it wrong, and you will not get the results that you are looking for, or even worse, no results at all.

The wonderful thing about internet marketing, or digital marketing as it is otherwise known, is that technology now enables us to advertise to the people that we want. Unlike TV and Newspapers and Radio, where you advertise to everybody that is watching or listening, or lose out on the perfect clients that are actually not listening or watching during the time your ad aired, digital marketing allows us to target pre-determined types of people, that we refer to as avatars. In this way, we ensure that we show your ad to only the audience we want to show it to.

Final Thought

Digital advertising is much more targeted than conventional, you have more control over who sees your ads, it is easy to set up and can be much more efficient and could cost much less than conventional advertising.

Digital marketing now allows smaller companies to compete with the big boys, as it does not require endless budget for ad spend. With the right strategy for advertising campaigns, even the little businesses can go big.

Remember the golden rule of selling:

If you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one”

By the way: If you need help implementing this into your detailing business, click below and schedule a quick no-obligation meeting with us. Even if you just want some advice or a quick demo.

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