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Online Marketing - Know Your Customer

Written By Rynhardt de Witt

online marketing for the auto detailer

Need to Market your Detailing Business, successfully, online? 

“Running my own Car Detailing business has always been my dream. Putting my passion into action and seeing a good return in what I love is the ultimate accomplishment.

Does it sound familiar?

However… it might not have turned out exactly what you were hoping for. Instead you wish you had an appointment book full of customers, without the worry of how the overheads are going to be covered…

Not enough new customers or retainer customers (memberships), will definitely result in financial strain on your business and will leave you overwhelmed. 

What if I told you, that despite this overwhelming feeling, it is still possible to go from kinda busy to fully booked and gain retaining customers in the process! You can expand your business, and skyrocket your income…

Now that I have your attention and got you all excited, let me explain.

All this can be achieved with efficient and productive lead generation campaigns. 

Ultimately resulting in FREEDOM & PROFIT!

There are many keys to growth for any business, but the next 4 remain key.

  1.  Getting new Customers
  2.  Turning them into Regulars
  3.  Keeping them as long as possible
  4.  Getting your Customers to recommend more customers (Referrals)

If you don’t have a constant flow of new customers, you won’t get the chance to turn them into regulars, scale your business or keep them long term. It’s essential that, as a car detailing business owner, you have strategies in place to constantly generate and retain a constant flow of new customers.

So how do you get to be successful and live the life you dreamed of?

  •  Use other people’s knowledge.
  •  Use other people’s successes and learn from other people’s failures.

“Always remember that we don’t need to know everything – we just need to find the people who do!”

There is an easier way and I am going to share some online tips on how owners in the Car Detailing industry can grow their business, get more income and cultivate a successful digital marketing culture.

Let me share one of the most important industry secrets with you…

Attracting the right customers is key. You want the customer to go from “Just scrolling” to “Book My Detail Now”. People want to look and feel great, and this their vehicle is a reflection of whom they are.

Once your message is spot on, you use focussed marketing to be seen by more people. You become an authority in your industry and location and give heaps of value, and as a result, you will see your appointment book or shop explode like never before.  Facebook is a powerful way to target your ideal client and making that connection. 

So what can you take from what you just read? Know who your ideal customer is and what you can do for them! Defining your customer avatar will impact your results for the following as well:

  • Content Marketing: What content should you create to attract your avatar?
  • Traffic: What platforms should you pursue and what targeting options should you use.
  • Copywriting: Describe your perfect offer to your perfect avatar. 

And that is just scratching the surface. The marketing and sales process will improve when you get clear on how your perfect customer avatar looks like. 

Makes sense right…

By the way: If you need help implementing this into your detailing business, click below and schedule a quick no-obligation meeting with us. Even if you just want some advice or a quick demo.

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